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Benefits of being an on-line Mentor

  • Never leave the comfort of your own chair & PC/Mac
  • You can use the service while either on-line or off-line (and return later and log back in)
  • Answer questions at your own pace and choice of timing
  • Do as little or as much Mentoring as you want
  • Be an online Mentor to a few... or answer quick questions for a variety of other people
  • Expand your own horizons and insights
  • Practice your interpersonal and management skills
  • Pass on your successes/experience about work and life chances
  • Get satisfaction from listening and advising others
  • Feel valued and get a real feeling of achievement

Ixion: Grade 1, Overall Outstanding Skills Provider (Full Inspection Nov 2017- see report here)

The Mentor Hive is dedicated to providing mentoring support to those that need help, guidance and advice in getting into employment or starting their own businesses.

  • You control how much time or how little mentor support you give and when to give it.
  • You control the contact, if at all, with Mentee’s through on-line messaging or if you prefer you can use the embedded Skype facility (Video or call). See Terms

  • You can be based anywhere in the Country as you support on-line your mentee(s) from the safety and comfort of your own chair and PC, as and when you have the time.
  • The mentee’s are clients of the Ixion group of companies that range from people who are; unemployed, those who want to start a new business, apprentices, students or adults in learning etc.
  • The range of support can be anything from industry insight to pure motivation and support for people who perhaps didn’t have the same starts in life as everyone else.
  • There will be challenges, you are likely to be successful in what you do and experienced and used to talking to people with your motivations and life-chances, this may stretch your skills sets.

Our network of mentors will have the chance to work with a range of mentees across a number of areas including: e.g. the Department of Work and Pensions to get the unemployed and those recently on incapacity benefit back into work, to e.g. those currently on the JCP New Enterprise Allowance scheme and wanting to become self employed and set up their own business, to Learners that are looking to develop their employability skills and or careers.

"what we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." - Aristotle

Some of our clients are supported by individual Case Managers and Enterprise Managers, who work on a one to one basis to give direct support and guidance. As a new Mentor you can provide the additional help that makes a real difference on a range of subjects from health and well being through to advice & guidance, experience & specific business start up advice.