Why Mentoring & a Free Tool Kit

Online Mentoring is not just about the person being mentored, being a Mentor is a fantastic experience for the Mentor too.

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  • Volunteering opportunity to "put something back" and generate a feeling of achievement.
  • Personal development and enhancement of "people development" skills which can be used in the workplace.
  • An opportunity to reflect on your own experience from a new perspective.
  • Increased job satisfaction and motivation of both you and of others.
  • Wider contacts outside of your current business environment.
  • Demonstration of commitment to development.
  • A broader understanding of the issues facing people looking for work or a career today and their expectations of coming into the workplace.
  • Passing on successes/insights about work or life chances.
  • Satisfaction from listening and offering advice.
  • Feeling valued by others allows Mentors to feel they are giving back to society.
  • Expands your horizons & insights.
  • As a Mentee, you can also try your hand using the free Tool-Kit courses below.

    Alison Free Courses

    BBC Bitesize Free Courses

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    Digital Eagles Free Courses

    Mentoring can be beneficial for your organisation too, creating a culture that encourages learning & development

    "I have no doubt that, for a modest investment in time and effort, we gain a large reward in the appreciation of our mentees. I feel very strongly that many more professional teams across the public sector should commit to such a scheme as this." Mentor @ Maldon District Council

    • Increased level of business and economic awareness.
    • Increased awareness of what your organisation has to offer.
    • Publicity for the Scheme provides a good public relations opportunity.
    • A different staff development opportunity for its employees.
    • Additional business opportunities via networking.